Hi!  I’m Crewman6.  I have several sites that involve “work” (one of those 4-letter words).  This one is just for play.  Monique and I both enjoy building models, so my focus here is on the kits we’re currently building, or have built in the past.  I’ve enjoyed building models in the past, but only recently revived that interest.  Monique, on the other hand, only recently discovered how much she likes building models.

Neither of us are professionals.  We don’t have an airbrush.  But we have a lot of fun, and you’re invited to share it with us!!

Feel free to check out my Crewman6.com and Buzz Lightyear sites also!


By the way, I will sometimes include advertising and links on my pages.  I use both Adsense and Amazon to help fund my writing.  If you click on one of my links you might actually be contributing to a little minor delinquency.  If you’d prefer not to keep me in banana splits, you can easily google the same links without including me in the process.  I’m easy-going either way.  :^)

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