Apr 152014

1782089_10152350716160429_1555553431_nSome time ago, Monique expressed an interest in the resin model kit, Devonian Encounter.  She’s always built styrene kits up until now, but this one really caught her eye.  With good cause, it’s one of the coolest ‘Creature from the Black Lagoon’ kits out there.  Not just the monster, but a whole diorama… pretty girl snorkeling, sunken boat, some vicious fish and a whole underwater scene.

At the time I couldn’t find one, but eventually Monsters in Motion listed it as available.  We’ve both bought from them, and always been pleased.  So I ordered it, wrapped it, and surprised Monique with it.  Then it sat for a while.  That’s normal for us, both of us have a backlog of models to build.  It’s kind of fun, picking which one to do next.

The whole mystique of ‘resin kits’ may have intimidated her at first, but it didn’t take long for her to dive right in.  We’re both members of a Facebook page full of excellent modelers, so there was always good advice on hand when she got stuck.

Not that she got stuck all that often.  There were things she had to research, like the best way to attach the sunken boat, or the best way to provide support for all the integrated elements.  For instance, she wound up screwing the boat onto the base.  Glue or putty just wasn’t strong enough on it’s own.

As always, she pays exceedingly fine attention to detail.  Not just with the build, but with the painting.  I was very impressed with the detail on the girl’s mouth.  For as small as that area is, Monique managed to get the lips exquisitely edged, with the teeth and interior all perfect.  While she’s great with all aspects, I think her strongest point is in the painting.  Monique has a touch with the colors that’s on the verge of magical.  Right from when we first began this hobby together, her sense of color was always spot on.  She said it’s because painting models has a lot in common with putting make-up on.  She custom blends a lot of her colors.

It shows in all her kits, and this one is no exception.  When she finished, she posted final pictures on the Facebook page that helped her so much.  Someone asked if she was sure this was her first resin kit?

That’s an awesome compliment, and very well deserved.  Spectacular build-up.  Enjoy the gallery below:

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