Mar 152012

Revell 1:8 WolfmanStill haven’t painted more on the Phantom.  This time we’re going back to Monique’s 2nd model, the Revell re-issue of Aurora’s Wolf Man.  Keeping with her chosen category of monsters, she’s been working her way through the old Aurora kits.  The Wolf Man was her second model build.  These old kit designs are very nice.  Decent quality fit, easy to build, and a lot of texture for good painting surfaces.  Having discovered dry brushing, she really went to town on Wolf Man.  The fur has lots of variety, and is the first time I think she understood how dry brushing accentuates shades and highlights as if a light source was being shone at it.  Wolf Man’s fur turned out very nicely.

(As usual, the image here is a link to Amazon.  To see Monique’s actual pictures, scroll to the bottom.)

The torn jeans made us realize just how many colors are available straight off the shelf.  I had gone out to buy paints for my own project, and called to see if Monique wanted anything.  Joking, she asked for Blue Jean, or Denim, for Wolf Man’s pants.  Turns out, both are actually an available color!  Took them home, and she used them to very good effect on the jeans.  It’s amazing what you can find.  Monique’s current project involves many vials and flasks with varying liquids inside.  We’ve actually found transparent paints that work extremely well.

On this project, she also discovered Contour Putty.  While most of the seams were acceptable, the feet/ankle joins had a huge gap.  You can see in the pictures how big the gap was, compared to the finished model.  Her modeling skills visibly improved from Dracula to Wolf Man.  The jeans, the fur, smoothing out gaps in the model; this one gave her a lot more scope for learning.  I think she really had fun with the fur, getting all that texture and paint shadings in.

One part she did not enjoy, was the head.  Specifically, his eyes.  Monique spent a couple of days, doing and redoing the eyes.  As usual, she learned as she went, and wound up using the box art as a guide for reflections.  You’ll notice she added a glare to the upper right of his iris in each eye.  When you get too close, it loses the effect.  But when you pull far enough back to take in the overall gestalt, the light in his eyes adds an amazing touch of realism.

The base turned out well, but didn’t offer all the fun possibilities of the figure.  I liked the way her rats turned out.  Brownish black, with a kind of ‘life in the gutter’ feel to them.  The base did a good job of providing atmosphere for Wolf Man.  I’ve noticed a lot of the old Aurora re-issues have a similar feel to them.  Seems likely they used the same sculptor.  As a child, I can remember building the old Batman kit with my Dad.  The base for that one was extremely similar to the base for Monique’s Dracula kit.  Some day I’ll rebuild the old Batman, and Superman, kits.  Then I’ll see how well my memory holds up!

Back to the subject at hand, though, Wolf Man turned out very well.  From her first model to this, Monique’s second, you can see distinct improvement.  As she continues to build model kits, they keep getting better.  Some of her following models make use of color and blending for unbelievable realism.  Her putty work keeps improving too.   As time permits, I’ll include those as well.

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