Finally Upgrading: The Badger Anthem 155 Airbrush and Airbrush Depot Air Compressor

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Jul 022012

Just a small update here.  Last time I mentioned my folks gave me an airbrush for my birthday.  Both of us being interested, Monique and I started learning what we could about figure model airbrushing.  At first, I was pleased just to have an airbrush… any airbrush… to learn on.  But the more I read, the more I realized:  If I’m serious about airbrushing my model kits, a better airbrush is a necessity.

Additionally, to get me started, Mom and Dad included a can of compressed air.  At $13 per can, it seems smarter to invest in an air compressor.  We started researching.  For the airbrush, I chose the Badger Anthem 155.  Was originally going to buy it from Michael’s Crafts, but they wanted triple what Amazon wanted.  Even with a coupon, Amazon won hands down.  Same with a compressor.  Michael’s had a nice one in stock at $25o, that would have served my purposes.  Amazon had a much better offer.

Click the pic to view details at Amazon

Why the Badger Anthem 155?  Because it’s beginner friendly.  With only 1 needle it gives “pencil lines” to 3-inch thick lines.  I can’t tell you exactly how thick a “pencil line” is, but I figure it’s got to be thin enough to serve my needs.  It’s dual action, internal mix, siphon feed.  Dual action lets me adjust the air-flow and the paint flow with one finger.  Internal mix gives a more thorough spray pattern than external mix.  Siphon feed means it pulls the paint from a glass bottle that hangs from the bottom of the brush.  I can mix and use more paint this way.  I can also buy extra bottles and keep mixed paint ready to use.
The Badger Anthem is easy to clean, requires no tools (everything is finger-tight) and has very few parts.  We got it for about $69, free shipping.  Am I an expert?  No.  But I’m  good at researching, and the Anthem is the airbrush I chose.  Guess I’ll find out when it arrives how good it is.

Click the pic to view details at Amazon

For the Air Compressor, Monique found the “Airbrush Depot Brand High Performance Multi-Purpose Gravity Feed Dual-Action Airbrush with Hose and a Powerful 1/6hp Single Piston Quiet Air Compressor.”  Mouthful, huh?  But that’s actually the product title at the top of Amazon’s page.  We chose it because it had the features needed to be a good airbrush compressor, because it had excellent reviews (4 1/2 Stars out of 5), and because it was only $65.00.  For that price, just the air compressor alone would be a good deal.  To get the airbrush thrown in with it, it’s a no-brainer.

While waiting for them to arrive, I got started on my new resin model kit –  Captain America: The Ultimate Soldier.  This is an incredible sculpt.  The pieces are very clean, and the seam lines minimal.  He deserves my best effort.  So today I spent several hours filing, sanding, and cleaning up the seam lines.  The amount of detail is unbelievable.  Normally I’ll fully assemble a figure before painting, but it might be smart to paint the main parts before assembling.  Going to have a lot of fun building this kit!

Getting ready to file the seams down.

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