Aurora Dracula Re-Issue Plastic Model Kit

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Mar 122012

Revell 1:8 Dracula

When in doubt, always return to the classics.  In this case, the monster movie classics!  Since I haven’t done anything new to my Phantom model in a couple of days, thought I’d entertain you with a blast from the past.  This Dracula kit is actually one of those life-changing events where you look back later and think… “Wow- Who’d have thunk it?”

A few months ago, Monique and I were preparing for our 7th anniversary.  We wanted to make it a special day, and do something unique.  At the same time, I’d been pushing to finish a model for a friend of mine.  Over ten years ago, I promised to build the model of his choice, then promptly quit model-building.  For a decade.  My very patient friend waited, and waited, until this year, my interest came back.

Monique had been watching me work on this model, and as our anniversary approached, asked me for a model of her own.  She wanted something different from what I like, so as to have her own niche.  After shopping around a bit, we settled on Dracula.  It’s a good kit, and an easy beginner’s model.  Monique hasn’t built a model since she was 12; her father used to build model cars with her.

We spent probably 8 hours during our anniversary, building models.  (Do I have the world’s coolest wife, or what?)  Turned out, not only did we have fun, but she’s a natural.  Great eye for detail, a steady hand, and an innate sense of color and design.  Dracula turned out really well.  The pictures below are hers, this one at the top is just a link to Dracula over at Amazon.

At this point, she hadn’t discovered filing and putty to smooth the seams.  Luckily, Aurora’s Dracula is a quality model with a good fit for the pieces.  The colors were selected with great care, especially what skin-tone Dracula ought to have.  Personally, I think her model turned out excellent.  I taught Monique how to dry-brush, which is really the only painting trick I know.  Everything else she already seemed to know.  When I mentioned how good her detailing and color blending were, she told me it’s a lot like putting on makeup…

Since then she’s churned out monster models with frightening speed, and constantly improving quality.  Monique’s begun blending colors in ways that never occurred to me, and at this point we’re both learning from each other.  When I have the time, I’ll post more of her models.  For now, here’s Monique’s Aurora Dracula model kit:

You’ll notice that even for a first model, she has a good eye for small details.  The dry brushing on Dracula’s cape and clothes is very subtle.  But what I especially liked was the slight flush around his eyes, an almost unnoticeable heightened color.  It makes him look like he’s just fed, and his face is beginning to show a delicate tinge of the fresh blood.

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