Apr 062014
Working on the join with his sword hand

Working on the join with his sword hand

I’ve been working slowly but surely on Moebius’ Conan the Barbarian.  Last time was mainly Conan’s face and torso.  Since then, I’ve painted, then repainted (and repainted) his legs, trying to match the torso.  I should have made enough flesh for the whole kit, and I should have painted all the flesh in one go.  Instead, I went at him piecemeal, then ran out of flesh tone, then forgot exactly how I got the original colors, which made it a real trial and error to reproduce.  The final colors matched fairly well, but it was a lesson learned.  Future models will be managed better.

Had similar trouble wiith his hands.  Under ordinary circumstances, I’d have scratched the whole project, cleaned him up, and started over.  This time though, my airbrush work improved dramatically and I was very proud of the paint job on Conan’s torso and face.  So much so, that I didn’t want to start over.  Not saying my airbrush work is that good, just saying that it was a quantum leap forward for me personally.

Finally, everything progressed to the point that I attached legs to torso last night.  Not wanting any accidents, Monique helped me prop him up with bubble wrap and air pillows.  If he fell, or the glue didn’t hold, no harm done.  Got up this morning for work, house dark, dogs asleep, and the first thing I did was to make sure he was still standing.

Conan02In the future, I’ll pay more attention to painting individual pieces to match better.  And I’ll experiment with pinning and pre-assembly, which should help prevent some of the mistakes of this kit.  And, I’ll pay more attention to smoothing out details.  This kit has some rough areas, such as the toes.  At first, I thought they were acceptable, but over time, I’m wishing I’d cleaned them up better.  Same for inside the mouth.  This is my first kit where the interior of the mouth is an issue.

I’ve made plenty of mistakes on this model, but that’s because I’m trying new things.  Because of that, in some respects he’s the best I’ve ever done, and in other ways, not so good.  Not going to start over, because the parts that turned out well were a personal best.  Not confident that I could repeat it.  So I’m just doing the best I can with the rest, and counting this model kit as a learning experience.

For now, here’s the current work in progress.


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